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With NYR Organic this April the Focus has been with our Brain Function and Health

NYR Organic's focus this month is precisely 'FOCUS'. Helping people fight that everyday and developing mental fatigue, memory lapses and poor concentration levels.

They have put together a Bundle of Herbal Remedies and Tinctures to help improve these levels of mental fatigue, with an Organic Refreshing Tea and a Cognitive Supplement - packed with all-natural ingredients including gingko biloba, vitamin B5 and green tea extract to help boost concentration and fight fatigue.

Gingko, especially is an ancient herb, that doctors have called 'one of the best supplemnets in helping in the prevention of such diseases as dimentia, parkinsons, and depression'.

Further studies and investigations have been detailed in NYR's Natural News as to how other plant based greens have been proven to also help prevent such diseases as dpression and dimentia etc/ 

Please see attached link below for further reading...

Supplementing our own diet is more crucial than ever, with most of us not getting enough nutrient rich foods in our daily living. The country's soil is in complete diplition meaning that the non-organic foods we consume these days hold barely any nutrient value that our brain and body needs to fight off such life restricting diseases. Therefore, taking supplements and herbal remedies increases our levels, and ofcourse only Organic will do, to make sure, again, we are getting the right amount of Vitamins and Nutrients that we are defficient in, and making sure we are not ingesting yet more harming chemicals into our system that these non- organic supplements are made up by.

  • Cognitive Complex


  • Helps boost concentration
  • Reduces mental fatigue and tiredness
  • Beneficial for memory function
  • Ideal for periods of intense study
  • No synthetic binders.  No synthetic fillers.  Non GM.  No nano technology.  Yeast-free.  Gluten-free.  Nut / peanut / soy bean-free.  Dairy-free.  Non-irradiated.  Suitable for vegans