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My treatments are organically tailored to improve and protect your natural beauty from both inside and out.

Seeking Alternative Therapies to help with Stress and Anxiety

"The pace of life these days is hectic, everyone rushes around, jobs are more stressful, relationships are squezzed into tighter and tighter schedules, jobs are less secure than ever, everyone seems to have a mobile phone strapped to their ears as they complete one task and are already making plans...

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Pamper Pearls and Pictures Parties

A Slice of Vintage Heaven!

The Red carpet was rolled out for the arrival of birthday girl Sophie. 

Her five best friends arrived & were welcomed with pink juice in dainty glass bottles tied perfectly with ribbons. Music was playing, so, of course the girls wanted to show off their stylish dance moves!

Michelle clicked away capturing some gorgeous expressions &...

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Deep Tissue Massage

Within my Therapy Rooms, I specialise in Deep Tissue Massage, this is the most sought after massage therapy that people, man and woman, come in seeking. (A great alternative to Sports Massage)

The main reasons I come across, for this, is tension and muscle pain developed after years of poor posture, excessive computer...

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