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AYURVEDA- with Aimée

Ayurveda, literally translated as the ‘science of life’, is an alternative medicine system that focuses on keeping the mind, body and soul in harmony and balance. Ayurveda works by assessing and treating the whole person, rather than just isolated symptoms, through a holistic toolkit of massage, yoga, meditation, nutrition and herbs. Ayurvedic well-being has the power to revolutionise our lives. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences and both are integral to a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda intends to keep a person healthy through diet, lifestyle and herbs that are suited to your unique dosha (body type). This dosha is directly aligned with Nature; Air, Ether, Fire, Water and Earth. Once we discover what your dominant doshas are, then we can understand our physiological and psychological make-up and restore balance- thus achieving and maintaining better health. ‘Sunita Passi- Tri –Dosha’

MARMA ABHYANGA Full Body Energy Flow Herbal Massage

This massage is tailored to increase the flow of energy in the body, whilst bringing about a sense of peace and awareness to mind & body. Medicinal properties of the oils are absorbed into the tissues, encouraging blood flow, elimination of toxins, hydration and pain relief.

  • 1 st Session including Dosha consultation 2 hours - £80 Follow up sessions- 1 hour 10 min massage- £60 Course of 4 sessions - £235

Differences between Abhyanga and contemporary massage

  • *Recognises the unique constitutions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, specific to your dosha.
  • *Balances our Prana (life force/energy) within us.
  • *Works on Marma points or ‘energy points’ in the body that meet at the muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. These are connected to our Chakras, and unblock emotional energies.
  • *Medicinal herbs are used in the oils which are individualised to client needs.
  • *The massage starts on the left side of the body, this side of the brain controls emotions.

SHIROBHYNGA - Head, Neck & Shoulder massage (seated)

Medicinal oils and a firm, gentle rhythm, are used to massage the head, neck, shoulders and arms to relieve stress and take away the heaviness we carry in our head and shoulders. This treatment also nourishes the scalp, promoting healthier hair.

  • 1 st Session with Dosha consultation- £50 Follow up 35 min session- £40

PADABHYANGA - Lower Leg and Foot Massage

A traditional, calming and grounding Ayurvedic foot treatment which starts with a firm massage of the lower leg, followed by manipulating Marma points in the sole of the foot using deep pressure techniques. Due to the strong connections that feet have to the rest of our bodies this treatment can have strong therapeutic benefits, particularly helping with sleep.

  • 1 st Session with Dosha consultation - £50 Follow up 35 min session - £40

MUKABHYANGA - Ayurvedic Face Lifting Massage.

This massage based treatment is a Remedial therapy where the use of firm pressure lifts facial muscles leaving a youthful glow, reducing problem lines as a result of regular treatments. This ancient procedure will help to calm the mind and leave you smiling with a visible face lift.

  • 1 x 30 min session - £40 Course of 4 - £140 (saving £20)


This traditional Ayurvedic facial uses warm herbal bundles and carefully selected Ayurvedic skin care products, based on the outcome of your dosha questionnaire, to achieve a natural and deeply cleansing experience. This facial stimulates Marma points with highly concentrated herbal products, reducing facial tension, tightening and toning the skin to leave a nourished complexion.

  • 1x 60 min treatment £60 Course of 4 - £210 (Saving £30)

PINDA SWEDA- Herbal Compress Pummelling Massage

Herbal powders are crushed into a ‘bolus’, the tool used to offer this nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating treatment. Circular movements give the mind and body a deeper balance, long strokes helps break up the accumulated toxins that are trapped in the tissues, and medium to firm pummelling brings a medicinal heat to inflamed and painful muscles/joints. Great for sports enthusiasts, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. Also good for Kapha imbalances.

  • 1 st Session with Dosha consultation- £75 Follow up 60 Minute Session- £65 (with take home herbal compress)

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