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Neals Yard Remedies
Neals Yard Remedies
Neals Yard Remedies

BALINESE Deep Tissue Massage
(alternative to a Sports Massage)

This Deep Tissue Massage uses alternative techniques taken from ancient Oriental teachings, which involves working through pressure points along the meridian lines or ‘energy pathways’. The massage uses long strokes, stretches, friction, toning and deep finger pressure directly on the areas of tension or across the fibres, tendons and fascia. It is a deeper, more intense massage helping to loosen tissues, release toxins from the muscles and improve blood and oxygen flow.

This Therapy is aimed at helping in the recovery of the sports or physically active person, and for anyone suffering from poor circulation, low energy, fatigue or depression.

  • Full Body -1 hour 10 minutes £44

  • Back, neck and shoulders 30 min £28

  • Recommended Product: Arnica Salve
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Each client receives a consultation including a personalised oil to ensure a massage that is customized especially for you. Whether it be an Aromatic calming oil or Warming Ginger and Juniper. Let your body decide.

Swedish massage, is a relaxing massage, encompassing a number of techniques designed to relax the muscles, increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; to improve oxygen flow and remove toxins from the muscular system.

  • FULL BODY 1 Hour £40


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This light and relaxing massage stimulates the flow of lymph through the one-way drainage pathways of the body. Lymph moves water, protein, cells and electrolytes around the body and by stimulating this action, the tissues of the body, are assisted in clearing excess fluid.

This can help with: Sinus Problems, IBS, Fluid Retention, Swollen Legs and Ankles, Muscle Damage and Lymphedema. Abdominal massage is optional.

  • Full Body- 1 Hour £42

  • Including facial massage using Organic Rose or Orange Flower oil

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Hot Stone Therapy is a speciality and indulgent massage that uses smooth, heated stones. These Basalt stones (the ‘placement’ stones I handpicked from the beaches of St Lucia ;o) ) are a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat. The therapeutic properties come from this heat penetrating the muscle for a deeper pain relief and a sensationally relaxing experience. A customer favourite for Gift Vouchers.

  • FULL BODY- 1 Hour 20 Min £50

  • BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS 40 Minutes £35

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