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This therapeutic, organic facial softens, hydrates and nourishes the skin, whilst improving circulation and cell regeneration. Through the use of massage, acupressure points and lymphatic drainage these techniques also eliminate toxins, therefore reducing puffiness and refining enlarged pores.
I love using products from the best natural resources like Calming Chamomile, Anti-bacterial Honey for nature’s richest source of healing enzymes, Re-hydrating Orange Flower, to Anti- oxidant and repairing Wild Rose. All these natural ingredients are combined to boost the skins moisture levels and radiance.

  • Facial including scalp massage 45 Minute- £45

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Skin in need of anti-ageing has visible lines and wrinkles, increased dryness, reduced elasticity and a dulled complexion. Neal’s Yard Remedies high performance, organic anti-ageing collection helps firm, hydrate and stimulate collagen production. With the aid of lymphatic stimulation and firming massage on the face and neck we can begin the age-defying process. This Facial includes the NEW Award-winning formula: Frankincense Intense and Concentrate, which have been scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Starting with a warming foot soak and finishing with an arm, neck, shoulder & scalp massage and ‘Beautiful Skin Tea’, simply make no plans that night, go home for a candle lit NYR Aromatic bath and just soak up the effects.
(This indulgent therapy is a customer favourite when choosing a special gift for a loved one.)

  • FACIAL Including Massage 1 Hour- £55

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This men’s facial uses a mixture of warming and purifying products such as anti-oxidant rooibos and energizing grapefruit, finishing with a hot towel steam, to draw out all impurities built up over time when skin is neglected. As well as cleansing and preparing the skin ready for shaving, this treatment for the man focuses on Facial rejuvenation- using Indian Head massage and acupressure points to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and help relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain.

  • 45 Minutes

  • Including Neck and Shoulder Massage With Hot Towel Face steam- £45

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This total facial workout uses rapid movements known as the Japanese Kobido massage helping increase muscle firmness. Taken from the Vinyasa flow yoga, this active facial boosts tired, stressed skin, improving shape, definition & giving a lifted appearance to the eyes, cheekbones & jawline.

Including a mini back massage, cleanse & deep exfoliation.

  • 70 min - £65

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This skin nourishing facial using ancient Chinese techniques - Gua sha tools are contoured to the face and have a cooling property, the deep strokes of the Gua sha massage disperse any blockages and help to restore a healthy glowing complexion. Including a double cleanse, tone and moisturizer.

  • 60 min - £55

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