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Christmas Wreath Making Classes


Saturday 27th 4pm - 6pm

Sunday 28th 2pm - 4pm


Thursday 2nd 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Saturday 4th 4pm - 6pm

Sunday 5th 2pm - 4pm

£45 p/p including all fresh and dried foliage/flowers, plus mulled wine and as always Mum’s homemade magical sweet treat.

Vision Board Workshop

Have you ever day-dreamed? I bet you have!! We all day-dream. Ever wondered what the future may hold for you, or wish for things that you may think are unattainable at this moment in time? Bet you have!! A Vision Board is a powerful tool to Manifest your Life’s Desire. I will challenge you in this time allocated just for YOU, to dig deep and find your passion, your dreams, your hearts desire, empowering you to focus on all areas on your life and put it on your Vision Board. As you do, you will learn more about yourself, you will learn how to use the law of attraction in your favoure. And most of all, you will have some well deserved "ME" time, within a comfortable, friendly environment, with likeminded people. So come and join us and have fun creating your Vision Board (mood or dream board) and get CLEAR on your GOALS for your future.

All materials will be provided. Please feel free to bring with you any magazines of your choice and interests for cut outs, pictures, positive affirmations etc.

Date: Saturday May 22nd & Saturday September 11th Time:1-4pm

£50, with £20 non refundable deposit requested. For more information please contact Rosemarie on 07922047454. Let’s create your future.

Colour me Workshop

This 3 hour workshop will teach you about the colour's that suit you best.

You will learn why some colours look wonderful on you and some not, which season of colours you are and how to shop for colours based not on what you like, but on your own unique colouring based on your hair, skin and eye colour.

The workshop will help you understand personal colour for clothing , make -up and hair. A fun session you could share with friends or come along alone. Evening summer sessions are also available on request.

Dates: Sunday July 4th and Sunday September 26th Time: 10-1pm

£50, with £20 non refundable deposit requested. For more information please contact Dyan on 07384388736