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Massage Therapy Rooms
By Aimée

Hi, I’m Aimée, the proud owner of Massage Therapy Rooms.

I have been working in this industry, specialising in Deep Tissue Massage and Holistic therapies, such as Reflexology for over 11 years. I started out, working freelance on Luxury Yachts and Villa's, massaging the rich and fabulous, before finding my roots at home, and setting up my Holistic Wellbeing business.

My aim was, and still is, to create a safe and nurturing healing space, where people choose to come when they have decided to take on a more holistic approach to their health and happiness.

In our Therapy Rooms we see a lot of people with chronic back pain, migraines, anxiety, chronic stress, fibromyalgia and CFS and many more health complaints brought about by living a life of imbalance. Through massage and NEW Therapies like Ayurveda and Nutrition workshops, our aim is to treat this imbalance and give back, a little bit of time out and relaxation, in these busy, fast paced lives we live.

Please feel free to call up or pop in to my Massage Therapy Rooms at 272 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, for a chat and herbal brew with any concerns or queries you may have.

I look forward to your custom.

Aimée x

Contact Me On 07713 140 705

01704 564716.


This Deep Tissue Massage, uses alternative techniques taken from ancient Oriental teachings, which involves working through pressure points along the meridian lines or ‘energy pathways’. This massage aids in the recovery of the sports person, therefor a good alternative or addition to Sports Massage.


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